Friday, October 17, 2014

Solo motorcycle ride south -- lessons learned

While on a continous 25-hour, 1200 mile, stopping only for potty breaks, gas, snacks, and leg stretches motorcycle ride, you formulate important thoughts. Here are some of mine:

1. I wasn't surprised to find Waldo in Florida.

2. Somebody has taken down a lot of those South of the Border billboards. Thank you.

3. Some of the potholes on I-95 in South Carolina are huge. They are scary. Best case scenario hitting one on a motorcycle is that you'll damage your bike. You can figure out the worst case scenario. Dodging these at 3am took concentration.

4. Nothing has changed much on Main Street, Daytona Beach since I was there nine and a half years ago.

Wait...the price of motorcycle parking has changed. It's doubled.

5. Riding one of these is inspiring:

Riding one of these is not:

6. If you've had a motorcycle riding suit for 15 years, it fits better when you remove all of the safety padding. Who needs padding?

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