Sunday, August 26, 2012

Aug 25th 2012 Ride to Berkeley Springs, WV

With two new riders and a young passenger, we ignored the threat of rain and headed northwest for Berkeley Springs for no particular reason beyond wanting to ride somewhere. Amazingly, we avoided the rain on the way out. Alas, not on the way back. That said, we had enough intermittent dry spells that clothes were air dried before we got home.

The stats:
  • 225 miles 
  • 29.1 mph overall avg 
  • 42.4 mph moving avg 
  • 71.8 mph max speed 
  • 7:42 total time 
  • 5:18 moving time 
  • 2:24 stopped time
This ride proved the saying: Any day is a good day to ride.

A map of the route:

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And some photos: