Sunday, June 30, 2013

Five Ws of a Shake Down Ride


My wife and I...


took our motorcycles...


to Round Hill, VA...


on Saturday...


as a shake down ride to ensure my front wheel was properly mounted and had proper clearance on the left side between the brake caliper and rotor. It did. Yea!

Here's our route:

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A few photos:

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Motorcycles R US

A slideshow of a (small) selection of photos I've taken over the last 8 or so years of our motorcycle treks. Enjoy!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Motorcycle ride to Culpeper -- a short trip on a "short" Saturday

We had a few hours during the day last Saturday for a short ride south to Culpeper for lunch. Endeavoring to find new ways to the same places, we took a not-so-direct route through Warrenton on to Rte 211 and then south to Culpeper through Rixeyville. I would include a map but I don't think anyone ever looks at them so I'll include a photograph instead:

If you're interested, here are the stats:

  • 172.3 total miles
  • 25.7 mph overall avg
  • 41.1 mph moving avg
  • 67.7 mph max speed
  • 6:42 total time
  • 4:11 moving time
  • 1:30 stopped time

Friday, June 7, 2013

Record Traffic Jams - Ride A Motorcycle, That’s Why from Bikes in the Fast Lane - Daily Motorcycle News

12 days! That's funny!
Here's the list:
  • Beijing - Tibet "Express" Way, China 2010. Length: 62 miles. Delay: 12 Days. Reason: Too much traffic, especially trucks.
  • Bethel, New York, USA 1969. Length: 20 miles. Delay: 3 Days. Reason: Woodstock music festival and its 500,000 visitors.
  • Chicago, USA 2011. Length: ? miles: Delay: 12 Hours. Reason: 20.2 inches of snow
  • East/West Germany 1990. Length: ? miles. Delays: ? Days. Reason Unification of Germany, 18 Million cars going both ways on a road meant for 500.000.
  • Texas, USA 2005. Length: 300 miles. Delay: 48 Hours. Reason: Hurricane Rita approaching, 2.5 million people fleeing Houston.
  • Lyon-Paris, France 1980. Length: 109 miles. Delay: ? Reason: Skiing holidayer returning to Paris and bad weather.
  • Moscow, Russia 2012. Length: ? miles. Delay: 3 Days: Reason: Snow storm on the M-10 Highway.
  • San Paulo, Brazil 2009: Length: 182 miles (out of 522 miles of road). Delay: ?. Reason: Normal traffic delays.
  • Tokyo, Japan 1990. Length: 84 miles. Delay: ?. reason Holidayers heading back home and people evacuating upcoming typhoon.
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Monday, June 3, 2013