Thursday, June 28, 2012

WV motorcycle trip -- Day 4

We are heading back home via Buena Vista, VA to meet up with a friend who is attending the National Moto Guzzi Rally held there. We have had a good time in WV: the roads are motorcycle perfect and the weather has been spectacular.

I hate to admit that I haven't liked not having cell phone service. It's not that I need to use my cell phone...I probably don't make 5 calls a month on it. But having grandkids who couldn't reliably contact us made me feel uneasy. Thankfully, the internet access at the cabin was just good enough (just) that we were able to use a VOIP app on my iPad to call them and, last night, we talked to all three plus our son using FaceTime. Technology to the rescue.

First order of business when we get back is to wash the bikes. I've got at least one of every species of bug splattered on my windshield and head light. I've eaten quite a few as well.

Here's a couple of photos of our departure:

Getting ready to hit the road heading south for Buena Vista, VA.

The roadside diner where we stopped for breakfast was so cheap I was sure the waitress had left off one of our orders from the bill. She hadn't.

We took a rest break in the parking lot of a deserted diner somewhere just after crossing over into VA. There was this gnarly weeping willow tree that had the largest trunk I've ever seen on a willow: it was over 4' in diameter. I wish I had taken a photo of Terri standing next to it so you could get a sense of its size.

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Location:Buena Vista, VA

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Motorcycle trip to WV -- Day 3

Another day of riding the mountain roads in and around Canaan Valley, WV. Today's weather couldn't have been more perfect. The roads were great, little traffic, and beautiful scenery.

Last evening at dinner we met a couple who convinced us we should go on one of the hiking trails at Seneca Rocks National Park. We arrived at the Park at 3pm and headed for the Seneca Trail which is a short 1.5 miles but a nontrivial 1000 ft rise in elevation. It took about 45 min to make the climb. The view was terrific.

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Location:Canaan Valley WV

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

WV motorcycle trip day 2 -- Canaan Valley

Cool temps...50s at 3700'...I should have brought my leather jacket. I'm not complaining though because cool temps beats hot temps every time.

We made a loop around Canaan Valley, which as far as I can tell, is really the top of a mountain. Very pretty out here. I've seen many windmill "farms" in California but was a little surprised to see them here. WV more progressive than I thought?

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Location:Canaan Valley, WV

Monday, June 25, 2012

Road trip to Seneca Rocks WV

Got a late start because we had to wait for the pharmacy to open...getting older has stopped being fun. Leaving at 10:30 smacked us up against a weather front and we hit the rain just as we entered Gainesville requiring us to don our rain gear. Remembering the peek I took at the weather map earlier, we bailed on our plan to ride Rte 211 and stayed on Rte 29 to get south of the rain as quick as we could. By the time we got to Culpeper, it looked like we were going to stay dry.
Turning west on Rte 33, we crossed the Skyline Drive and the weather was beautiful on the mountain top. It was cool, the temp immediately dropped 10 degrees, not humid, and the sky was crystal blue. One of those experiences that confirms the rightness of riding motorcycles. Alas, it was short lived: as we came down the mountain, the temp went back up, the humidity started to rise, and the realization that it's the end of June came back. Ah well...
Stopped for lunch in Harrisonburg. Will get back on 33 west into WV and then turn north on Rte 55 towards the cabin.

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Location:Harrisonburg VA