Wednesday, November 25, 2009

USA: Ducati Gift Site Ready For Christmas

In case you wanted to know what to give me for Christmas...

USA: Ducati Gift Site Ready For Christmas: "
Ducati Gift Shop On-line
Ducati logo
Ducati have teamed up with one of their main dealers in the USA, Pro Italia, and created an on-line gift shop, ready for the Christmas season.

If you need anything for your motorcycle, or for you, or for someone else, this is a good place to buy stuff for Christmas.



Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Ducati Multistrada

Being a very (VERY) satisfied owner of the first generation Ducati Multistrada, I've kept an eye on its development over the years. The engine, originally the 1000-cc, dual spark plug, air/oil cooled, two valve desmo motor with dry clutch, grew to 1100-cc in what I call the 2nd generation model. A closed loop fuel injection system and wet clutch also distinguish the 1100 from the 1000. (I understand the drivers that motivate going to a wet clutch, not the least of which is longer clutch life, but desmo valves and "clackty-clack" is the heart and soul, respectively, of a Ducati.)

Next Monday, Nov 9th, the 1200-cc MTS debuts with some fan fair. Ducati has been teasing the world with a peek at the front of the MTS only--check out their ingenious web site for its unveiling: click me.

Here's what I know:
The lines of the bike (well, at least the lines of the front of the bike) lean towards the current stable of non-Terblanche designed Ducati sport bikes--not surprising and in the minds of some, a good thing. The 1200-cc engine is reportedly the liquid cooled, 4 valve motor which should make the new MTS a thrill to ride. But alas, not an engine that will be particularly easy to maintain--valve adjustments can be difficult for backyard mechanics for the 2-valve motor and hair-pulling for the 4-valve water cooled version. But this is unlikely to dissuade the die hard Ducatisti.

Most importantly, and what distinguishes the Multistrada line from other Ducatis, is its sit-upright riding position (relatively speaking--it's no cruiser). Admittedly, this is what caused me to cave in '04 and buy one. The new 1200 promises to continue this design feature.

Ride often...