Monday, May 17, 2010

Second Ride

The weekend rides have been few and far between so far this year. I hope to change that soon.

We took off at 8am on Saturday (May 15th) heading south. I quickly laid out a route to upload to my GPS at around midnight the night before so there wasn't much planning that went into this ride. We rode south on Route 1 towards Richmond, headed east on back roads to Route 60 to Jamestown VA. We crossed the Ferry and headed south on Route 31 towards Surry stopping at a small restaurant for lunch. Then northwest on Route 10, crossing the James River near Hopewell continuing on north on Route 2 to Fredericksburg where we stopped for dinner. Then a quick run up I-95 back to home.

We spent a total of 11-hours and 33-minutes to travel the 310 miles. Our moving average was just over 45 mph having spent 6-hours and 40-minutes on the road and the remaining almost 5 hours stopped to eat and for the Ferry. The weather was great and despite essentially no planning, the day trip was a nice diversion from the routine.

Hope to post many more this season. Stay tuned.

Some pics:

Very short video when exiting the Ferry on the Surry side.