Friday, May 30, 2014

Moto Guzzi Norge 1200 8V (Quattro Valvole) Valve Adjustment

Valve adjustment on the Guzzi...I'm done!

Compared to the Ducati, where I had to all but remove the engine from the bike to have enough room to check and adjust the valves, the Guzzi is a piece of cake. Even compared to the '96 Valkyrie, which also had screw-nut adjusters, the Guzzi was simplier because the valves are up high for easy access and there are 8 versus 12.  A couple of Allen wrenches, feeler gauge, 8mm wrench, and less than an hour was all that I needed--I think it took longer to change the oil!

I probably should have taken photos, but I didn't think about it until after I was done. If you need help, check out this great step-by-step tutorial along with excellent photos, click here: Moto Guzzi 8V Valve Adjustment

I'll keep track of how often I have to adjust the valves. The manual indicates the adjustment interval is about 6000-miles. On my Valkyrie, I didn't need to adjust the valves after about 40K miles. We'll see if the Guzzi's valves are similar.

I hope this is a good sign of pleasant maintenance to come. :)

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