Friday, October 9, 2009

Never too early to start planning next year's rides - Towns with odd names

Expanding on a suggestion from my riding partner, I'm making plans for "themed rides" for summer 2010 to visit "odd named" towns. Recall in 2008 I canvassed VA for suspension bridges (check out the Archive for May 2008 and on thru the summer months) and had a blast finding and photographing them.

Looking for towns with odd names is a bit different:
First, there's the issue of what constitutes an odd name. For this exercise, an odd named town is a town with a name that I consider odd. (How else are we going to do it?) There's a web site that is collecting odd named towns but it's worldwide (check it out). It occurred to me I might be able to find the names of US Post Offices listed somewhere (I did here). I realize there are probably a host of places with odd names that don't have a Post Office, but I endeavor not to let this riding theme make my head hurt. So, I culled through Virginia's 700+ Post Offices and found 14 that fit my definition of odd named town.

So, be on the look out for future posts.

Keep riding, it's only October!

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