Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Redwing19 IBA -- Check on route; check on waypoints

Redwing19 sent out the rider's package via email 2 days ago.

After reviewing it, I see they've changed the route slightly in the Tidewater area. Instead of heading east around I-64 to the south side via the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel, we'll be going due south on I-664 through the Monitor-Merrimac Memorial Bridge Tunnel onwards to Rte 58 W. It's hard to predict traffic in that area early in the beach season, but in general, it's a good move to avoid the Hampton Roads Tunnel. Adjustments are in order for the GPS route.

(Just to be sure, I sent a note to Redwing19 to confirm what I thought was a route change. Their prompt reply showed there are no changes to the original posted route. So, my GPS route is loaded and ready to go as is. )

Also, the rider's package makes it clearer that the turn around point is at Black Wolf Harley Davidson in Bristol Va at exit 5. And, there's a requirement to purchase something in Bristol and get a receipt. No problem.

Short of packing and sorting, I think I'm ready. I hope the weather is cooperative.

Stay tuned...

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