Saturday, April 30, 2016

Not so good start of the 2016 motorcycle riding season

I guess I jinxed it when I thought our early start on getting on our bikes for 2016 was a good omen. The next day, Monday, I rode my Norge to work. I was a bit later than normal getting away from my desk at the end of the day which, around here, guarantees a long commute home in the traffic. As such, it was a lot of stop and go at low speeds in the usually warm 80o+ that day. Not the kind of riding an air cooled motorcycle likes.

Less than 5 miles from home, the dreaded red warning light came on and the oil can icon showed on my dash panel. The very same one from last year. Unlike last year, smoke started billowing up from, I believe, the left cylinder and the engine started missing. I heard a loud clacking sound which prompted me to immediately kill the engine.

I pushed the bike to the curb and ultimately getting it to a parking lot. I called for a tow and had it taken to my house. I spent a week entertaining whether I would try opening the engine up and see how things are inside or taking it to a shop. My energy level prompted the latter. So, with the help of a good friend loaning me his trailer, it was off to Scoot Richmond.

I'm saving my pennies...
Heading out.

Dropped off.

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