Monday, September 6, 2010

8th Ride to no where on Labor Day

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Couldn't pass up this beautiful day. Took a ride out west to no place in particular. Fought the Labor Day traffic all the way home. (I could have done without that!)

GPS stats:
  • 137 miles
  • 26 mph overall avg
  • 38 mph moving avg
  • 84 mph max speed (oops!)
  • 5-hr 12-min total time
  • 3-hr 36-min moving time
  • 1-hr 35-min stopped time
(GPS on entire trip)

7th Ride - Dahlia Festival in Jeffersonton, VA

Hold any comments about going to see a bunch of flowers...

In an effort to eek another ride in before August evaporated, we took a quick ride west to the Dahlia Festival at Wollam Gardens in Jeffersonton, VA on the 28th. I got a few pics (see below) and then we headed south to Culpeper for lunch. After eating, I listened to an audio book on a bench along Main Street and my wife and friend went antique shopping--whatever that is. I was pretending to be an old person. I'm getting better and better in pulling that one off.

GPS stats:
  • 174 miles
  • 21 mpg avg overall
  • 39 mph moving avg
  • 63 mph max speed
  • 8:17 total time
  • 4:26 moving time
  • 3:50 stopped time
  • (GPS on entire trip)

All in all, a nice ride. Alas, it looks like we won't be making our annual week long road trip this year. Planning for next year to begin soon...

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