Thursday, September 8, 2016

Labor Day 2016 weekend ride

Hurricane Hermine's loss of coherency (what's the weather forecasting term? losing steam...coming unglued...weakening...downgrading...tropical resulted in a 180o about face on the local weekend weather forecast. Instead of the predicted rain we got a beautiful temperate, blue-sky, pleasant winds, 3-day weekend. So my wife and middle granddaughter decided to embark on a late-in-the-day Sunday ride to points west.

We began our jaunt heading south on Rte 29, then north on Rte 15 to White's Ferry. We took the Ferry over to Maryland on Rte 28 and other roads to Brunswick for a quick bite to eat. Then, feeling like it was getting late, we headed due south on 287 to Rte 9 to Rte 7 back to Rte 15 to head home. A short ride but fun ride on a beautiful day.

Here are a few pics: