Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Statistics: How many visitors?

Using Google Analytics, another useful free service provided by Google to capture statistics for a web site, I tracked the number of visits (blue line) and unique visitors (orange line) for each month in 2008. Though the numbers are paltry compared to popular blogs, I'm happy anyone is reading mine. May was the best month with about 125 visits by almost 100 readers. And not surprisingly, the last three months have been on a decline. I hope to rectify this for the new year. We'll see....

Happy New Year folks. Ride safely.

I'm back!

After 3 months of silence, I'm back. Hopefully, back with a writing vengeance. Given the timing of my return, this may appear to be akin to a New Year's resolution. Not so. Technically, it's not yet the new year. (Yes, I'm anti-New Year's-resolution.)

It took 3 months for me to get over not making a post of our last suspension bridge ride in late August (I think it was late August). If you're wondering what that last ride was like, click: here, here, here, here, and here. By the end of the summer, they began to look a lot alike.

So, from now until about the spring equinox, I'm going to post more frequently on topics not necessarily related exclusively to motorcycling. Consider them topics associated with getting ready for the 2009 riding season. They will include:
  • What to do with motorcycles sitting in the garage.
  • Photography.
  • My ever vigilant effort to lose some weight.
  • Anything else that may come to mind.
One topic that I've been having difficulty with is coming up with a "riding project" for the coming year. Last year was VA suspension bridges. This year it will be ......
I solicit your ideas.

Feel free to comment. I'll be back soon.