Thursday, July 11, 2013

Motorcycle ride today undaunted by 80% chance of rain

Mainly because the weather map is relatively clear, we hopped on our motorcycles for a day ride in the vicinity of our cabin. Many roads in this area are closed because of bridge construction and detours abound. This is impacting my preplanned routes and we're having to ad lib. That's ok, 'Let's find a road and ride' is my middle name. :)

Look what we found: 

A trestle bridge built in 1931 for the railroad, now used as a foot bridge across the New River in the vicinity of Hiwassee, VA. 

We left at about 9am and got back to the cabin a bit after 3pm. No rain...except for the last 10-min just before the bottom fell out. See weather map below. We were lucky on a day threatening 80% chance of rain!

(No more weather maps...I promise.)

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