Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A reverie while riding

Most of this summer has been all Valkyrie all of the time. I've ridden it almost exclusively to work and most recently on a 1350-mile 5 day jaunt. It's showing its age, but still a great ride. Nothing feels like rolling the throttle of 6 cylinders.

Yesterday and today I commuted to work on my Multistrada. I had forgotten what a pleasurable experience riding a light weight bike can be. The MTS is about half the weight of the Valk with almost the same horsepower. (This isn't entirely accurate but close enough for this analysis.)

The MTS's combination of light weight and good power makes riding on even the most mundane roads an exhilarating experience. Traffic moves into the right lane. Stop lights are always green. Highway patrols are unnecessary. All is right with the world.

If there is a spectrum on which the Multistrada and Valkyrie motorcycles lie, they certainly must be on opposite ends. And yet, both bikes are incredible rides.

I wonder how many motorcycles a person could own and still feel all are worthy?

-- Post From My iPod touch

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