Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Affecting blog posting frequency

Clearly, I'm not doing too well in increasing the number of blog
posts. There are lots of reasons and I'll avoid the details. Suffice
it to say that, of late, when I feel most like blogging, I'm not
around a computer. And, when I'm around a computer, I don't feel like
doing much of anything much less write a blog post.

To wit: Last week we spent 5 days on the road riding through the
mountains of VA, NC, TN, and WV. I was motivated to write several
posts and did so on my iPod touch blogging app...which didn't work.
Now that I've returned home, I'm too busy getting back into the groove
at work that when I get home, the last thing I want to do is write.
Since I'm loathe to write junk (because that's what it would be if I
forced myself to write), I haven't written at all.

In researching solutions, I discovered I can email a message to a
certain address that will post the message here as a blog entry. In
fact, this message is a test of the capability as I'm writing it as an
email. (Probably everyone on the planet knew that feature exists
except for me.)

So now I'm more likely to be able to post when I feel like writing.
This is great! Stay tuned folks.

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