Monday, June 23, 2008

June 21, Another Rainy Suspension Bridge Day

I can't say that I remember when northern VA has had such a string of severe isolated thunderstorms. We were able to visit 3 suspension bridges (again in the Woodstock VA area), before we found ourselves trying to outrun wind, rain, and lightning. The speedy storm caught up with us requiring us to don our rain gear. Riding up the west side of the Blue Ridge was wet. Riding down the east side was dry. Thank you Blue Ridge Mountains.

Lantz Mill

This bridge is beside the rundown Lantz Mill. The surroundings make this one of the prettiest bridges we've seen so far. Alas, I didn't take photos of the adjacent Mill.

Fulks Run

Crossing what we learned was Little Dry River was this, clearly hardly used bridge. Somewhere up the road is Big Dry River.


Located in a beautiful park, this bridge doesn't have the charm of the other's not squirreled away in the woods!

Trip stats:
  • total miles ridden: 296
  • overall avg 27.8 mph
  • moving avg 42.4 mph
  • max speed 81.6 mph
  • total time 10 hrs 36 min
  • moving 6 hrs 58 min
  • stopped 3 hrs 38 min

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