Sunday, July 13, 2008

Four bridges on July 12th

Initially thinking about Gettysburg Bike Week, we decided instead to continue our summer project of photographing Virginia's suspension bridges. Because of a tight schedule, we needed to make this a day trip. And since we've seen nearly every bridge that's an easy day trip from home, planning for this one promised to be a bit challenging. We intended to see a bridge in Strasburg, one that I some how missed on an earlier trip. Then, on to three others in the Williamsville area about 200-miles south. There was no way around this being a long ride.

Breaking our "no Interstate" rule, I traced out a route that included I-66 and I-81 to expedite getting to the bridge locales. We started at 7:30am heading for Strasburg. 12.5 hours later we rolled back into the garage having made a "side trip" to stop at a diner in Fredericksburg for dinner. Though a long trip, we had a good time and the weather cooperated (no rain).


There are three bridges along Rte 678. The photos are in north to south order.

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