Saturday, May 31, 2008

Motorcycle muse: photograph suspension bridges

The high price of gasoline makes riding for the sake of riding frivolous and wasteful. We are all charged with the responsibility of increasing our green consciousness and cannot abide the prodigal use of hydrocarbons.

Thus, to give substance to motorcycle rides of this summer, I have decided to locate and photograph suspension bridges maintained by the VA Department of Transportation. The scheme:
  • identify a suspension bridge; the Internet is indispensable with special thanks to the Bridgemeister (David Denenberg) for compiling a list with latitude and longitude data
  • code the location data into the GPS -- this is important because most of the bridges are in out-of-the-way locales some not visible from nearby roads
  • layout a route to said bridge biased towards secondary and scenic roads for maximum enjoyment -- the GPS facilitates route planning
  • pack camera with other travel necessities
  • ride
  • photograph
  • repeat
The beauty of this project is that it combines motorcycles, GPS, and photography.

Stay tuned for my first post on 5 suspension bridges photographed during an overnighter ride on Memorial Day. An easy way to stay tuned is to point your reader (I use Google Reader) to this blog's feed.

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