Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lost & Found - wrecked Honda Valkyrie

On Memorial Day, some 150-miles from home on a mission to photograph Virginia's suspension bridges (upcoming post...I promise), my riding party and I came across a blue & white Honda Valkyrie. We were on Rte 501 near where it crosses the Blue Ridge Parkway in the apex of a sharp turn. The rider was no where to be found--if hurt, hopefully s/he was at the hospital.

The bike had a bit over 30K miles and looked in pretty good shape crash notwithstanding. It had New York tags. It looked as if it had been righted in the ditch--it was standing up.

Odd, at least to me, was the broken windshield. Except for the rider going over the handlebars and grabbing the windshield, I can't imagine how to break one the way this one was broke. The other damage, broken turn signals, dislocated hand controls and mirrors, etc. are consistent with laying the bike down.

I sure hope the rider is ok.

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