Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bikeweek 2005 - Moto Guzzi Friends Ride to Lunch

My wife and I have attended each Daytona Bikeweek from 1999 to 2005. (We've skipped the last two for scheduling conflicts.) The day after we arrived at Bikeweek 2005, it rained and was very cool. Generally, this is a poor combination for riding and it keeps most posers in their hotel rooms watching daytime soaps. However, we met up with an intrepid group of Moto Guzzi riders who were undaunted and planned a ride from Lake Monroe Park near Sanford, FL to the Blackwater Inn Restaurant in Astor.

Obviously, riding in the rain with the temperature hovering in the upper 50s, is less than ideal. But we're tough!

My wife and I are 3rd & 2nd from the left. All of us are suited for a rain ride.
Our riding companion for this and many other rides is to my immediate right.

This is a Google Earth view of the ride based on my GPS track.
I know it's difficult to see, so here's a Google Map showing the route. Despite the rain, it was a nice ride.

View Larger Map

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