Saturday, September 22, 2007

August 2005 Ride to Atlantic City

In August 2005, my wife rode her 2001 Goldwing Trike from home to Atlantic City with me as passenger. I forgot to record the mileage, but it was on the order of 500-miles. We combined some Interstate roads with byways; not having too many options when heading north from the Washington DC area and trying to make time due to a late day start. In any case, we had fun staying at the Sands Casino Hotel in Atlantic City and returned via the ferry from Delaware to Maryland. We spent two nights and three days on this trip. Check out the map below.

Here's some photos:

Arriving in Atlantic City at the Sands Casino Hotel.

This is one of the water towers south of Atlantic City. Nice.

Waiting for the Cape May-Lewes Ferry. What was it like when there were no cell phones?

On the Ferry pulling away from Cape May, Delaware.

The trike.

Anywhere, anytime, any wife finds a way to make friends. Here's a couple of wild ones anxious to disembark the Ferry.

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