Monday, June 27, 2016

Video of our motorcycle ride on Rte 211 in June 2016

I've been negligent in updating this blog about getting my Guzzi back from the shop. All is well with the bike. It turned out not to be the horror I thought it might be. What took so long was waiting for a suspension link that was involved in a safety recall. It's all squared away now.

My wife and I got a chance to take a late day ride on Saturday. We started out early enough with our first stop being to get gas. While filling the bikes, my wife said she thought her throttle was sticking. I asked her to move to the parking lot where I planned to look at it after I finished up at the pump. The throttle was ok, but her trike wouldn't start. It was deader-than-dead. A technical term for dead battery.

We spent nearly 4 hours trying to find a Goldwing battery. Finally, at the Springfield Cycle Gear store, we got one and I put it in as quick as I could turn wrenches. It was a late start, but we were determined to have a good ride.

Below is a short video of us riding Rte 211 headed west towards Lurray. I mounted one of those small fish-eye-lens sports video cameras on the right mirror stalk. I also did some video editing and voice over. Despite the camera being in a water-tight enclosure, there's still a lot of wind noise. I considered muting the audio track but then the video looks weird and begs for me to do more talking. the whole video is less than 2-minutes long so give it a watch. :)

All total, we logged just under 200-miles out for a total of 7 hours, 4-1/2 hours on the move and 2-1/2 hours stopped here and there including stopping for a late lunch. 

Here are two photos: the 1st when we started to head out before we knew we'd be tied up looking for a battery. The 2nd at Brookside where we stopped for lunch.

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