Saturday, September 5, 2015

Three motorcycle rides in August wrapped up in one post

Owing to a lot of things this very busy summer, we have not taken many motorcycle rides this year. Thinking about this too much only brings sadness. Thankfully, suffering from self diagnosed adult attention deficit disorder means I'll soon forget this sadness and be about my merry way. Below are photos and the routes of three local trips taken in August on my Moto Guzzi Norge (pronounced nor-jay in the country where Guzzis are made) and my wife's California Sidecar Goldwing trike.

The "green route" was taken on August 15th. Originally intending to head south to Yorktown we were beaten back by the traffic and ultimately ended up in Culpeper, VA at the Frost Cafe for a late lunch. The summer time traffic around here, especially that headed south or east (that is, towards the beaches) has become legendarily horrible. It's enough to make a person consider moving away.

On August 22nd, we rode the "red route." An approximate 200-mile ride to New Market, VA to eat lunch at the Southern Kitchen, apparently famous for its peanut soup (which, to me, doesn't sound that appealing).

Finally, on the 29th, we rode the "blue route" to Paw Paw, WV. The whole trip was a bit under 250 miles on one of the nicest weather days ever, much less a day in August.

Below are some photos in no particular order. On one of the trips, we ran into Cooter from the old Dukes of Hazzard TV show. He has a place near Sperryville.

The last photo show 9999 miles on the odometer...I pulled off the road to snap a photo.

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