Saturday, May 3, 2014

Two weeks in a row: Saturday morning motorcycle ride

We took advantage of another beautiful Saturday and rode down to Culpeper, VA to have brunch. Despite a weather forecast that predicted possible scattered showers, we continued to ride for most of the day. The temperature hovered between 68o and 72o...perfect.

    GPS Stats:
  • total distance    181.7 miles
  • overall avg       26.5 mph
  • moving avg        42.1 mph
  • max speed         72.8 mph
  • total time        6:51
  • moving time       4:19
  • stopped time      2:32

Getting ready to head out.


I never noticed the gargoyles in Culpeper before.

Looking out from the Frost Cafe

Stopped to stretch on the way home.

Hmmmm....I wonder if this is why they went out of business?

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