Thursday, June 28, 2012

WV motorcycle trip -- Day 4

We are heading back home via Buena Vista, VA to meet up with a friend who is attending the National Moto Guzzi Rally held there. We have had a good time in WV: the roads are motorcycle perfect and the weather has been spectacular.

I hate to admit that I haven't liked not having cell phone service. It's not that I need to use my cell phone...I probably don't make 5 calls a month on it. But having grandkids who couldn't reliably contact us made me feel uneasy. Thankfully, the internet access at the cabin was just good enough (just) that we were able to use a VOIP app on my iPad to call them and, last night, we talked to all three plus our son using FaceTime. Technology to the rescue.

First order of business when we get back is to wash the bikes. I've got at least one of every species of bug splattered on my windshield and head light. I've eaten quite a few as well.

Here's a couple of photos of our departure:

Getting ready to hit the road heading south for Buena Vista, VA.

The roadside diner where we stopped for breakfast was so cheap I was sure the waitress had left off one of our orders from the bill. She hadn't.

We took a rest break in the parking lot of a deserted diner somewhere just after crossing over into VA. There was this gnarly weeping willow tree that had the largest trunk I've ever seen on a willow: it was over 4' in diameter. I wish I had taken a photo of Terri standing next to it so you could get a sense of its size.

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Location:Buena Vista, VA

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