Monday, January 31, 2011

Ride Reports Wanted!

Fire up your engines...sharpen your pencil!

Ride Reports Wanted!: "Harley Blackline BMW F800R Triumph Bonneville
Last Friday's two-bike dilemma found yours truly double-booked with very different loaner motorcycles: the BMW F800R and the Harley-Davidson Blackline.

The situation managed to solve itself thanks to my friends Levi* and Maria, both of whom were willing to come along and alternate between the Beemer, Hog, and Long Term Triumph Bonneville. At the end of the day, the saddle swapping effectively allowed me to have my two-wheeled cake and eat it, too-- which you can read about in this ride report.

Got ride reports you'd like to share? Feel free to share your riding experiences in our new Readers Respond Feature, where you can tell tales about your ride, upload a photo, or just live vicariously through other readers' experiences.


*Yep, Levi's the same guy who once gave me this intricately constructed Yamaha M1 made entirely out of paper

Photo © Basem Wasef; click for ride report

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